About Me

Well, I don’t travel often but when I do, I make it matter.  I love going to places that are off the beaten track.  I love seeing places that are steeped in history, culture and good wine.  I also love hiking and while I don’t have to travel far to hike my beloved High Peaks, they always inspire me.

This blog will have posts of my most recent travels, some posts from a previous blog about earlier travels and will even include some journal entries originally written in pen, on good old-fashioned paper.

Russia.  England.  Israel.  Italy.  The Adirondacks.  Japan.  Paris.  The Balkans.  And anywhere else in between.

Join me in my wandering tales of adventure around the world.

(And if you’re interested in following my tales of a different kind of adventure at my little off-grid cabin in the woods, you can read stories at tinycabinbigdreams.com.)


One thought on “About Me

  1. Wow this is really looking wonderful and much easier to read for sure. I can’t wait for them to begin coming into our mailbox. I think I am most excited about reading Russia.


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