The Wish List

I will go anywhere if given a cheap enough ticket.  But since I usually have to plan ahead, here are the places that are always on my radar.

Next up:  Cuba!  Yes! We decided to go south for March Break 2020 and since we aren’t resort kind of people, we found super cheap tickets to Havana for some delicious food, incredible music and some serious history.  Can’t wait!

Photo by Augustin de Montesquiou on Unsplash

Vietnam:  A recent addition.  When I asked a friend who had spent two months in south-east Asia which country she enjoyed the most, she said Vietnam.

New Zealand:  I love being outdoors.  And Lord of the Rings.

The Yukon:   Just because it’s north.

Morocco:  I love heat and hate beaches.

Argentina:  While in university, I decided to take tango classes.  Since then, it’s been on my Wish List.

Greenland:  Hiking.

Finland:  When I lived in England, one of my best friends was Finnish.