The Wish List

I will go anywhere if given a cheap enough ticket.  But since I usually have to plan ahead, here are the places that are always on my radar.

Next up: Seattle and Alaska! A friend and I are flying to Seattle for three days before boarding a Holland America ship for a 7-day Alaskan cruise. While on the cruise we have three excursions booked – whale-watching, sea-kayaking and an off-roading Jeep adventure. Looking forward to practicing my photography with the stunning scenery in Alaska as well as tasting the lifestyle of the West Coast.

Still on the Wish List:

Vietnam:  A recent addition.  When I asked a friend who had spent two months in south-east Asia which country she enjoyed the most, she said Vietnam.

New Zealand:  I love being outdoors.  And Lord of the Rings.

The Yukon:   Just because it’s north.

Morocco:  I love heat and hate beaches.

Argentina:  While in university, I decided to take tango classes.  Since then, it’s been on my Wish List.

Greenland:  Hiking.

Finland:  When I lived in England, one of my best friends was Finnish.